Recent Microloans With Field Partners

Spartan Global extends microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through a direct lending process. You can learn more about the steps involved here. Spartan Global's primary field partner is a Guatemalan nonprofit organization called As Green As It Gets. Since we began lending directly to field partners in 2011, we have extended over $14,000 in microloans. Highlighted below are some of these recent loans made to As Green As It Gets through the direct lending process.



Carlos diaz

  • Metalworker, welder, and artist.
  • Loan: $1,100
  • Loan period: 2 years
  • Plans to use loan to expand his existing metalworking business so he can add more products.
  • See what Carlos is doing here →

Victor Catavi

  • Coffee roaster and processor.
  • Loan amount: $1,300
  • Loan period: 2 years
  • Victor has used his microloan from Spartan Global to jumpstart his coffee roasting business, and has since experienced unprecedented success. 
  • Learn more about Victor here

Jonny and alberto hernandez

  • Father-and-son coffee farming team (Alberto pictured). 
  • Loan: $1,378
  • Loan period: 18 months
  • Jonny and Alberto have used their loan to purchase fungicides and fertilizer to recover their coffee fields from a devastating fungal infection. 
  • See their story here  

Recent Loans With Kiva

Spartan Global also provides microloans through Kiva, an online lending platfrom. You can learn more about how we work with Kiva here. Since we started lending in 2009, Spartan Global alone has extended close to $18,000 with an average loan of just $26. Combined with our Kiva lending team, we have extended 2,500+ microloans worth over $65,000. See some of our most recent loans below!




  • Raises pigs and other livestock in the Philippines
  • Loan amount: $25
  • Loan period: 13 months
  • See the full story here →
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.43.20 PM.png

Sinignessigui Group

  • Farming group in Mali
  • Loan amount: $75
  • Loan period: 8 months
  • Learn more here →
Thavy Group.png

Thavy group

  • Interdisciplinary lending group in Cambodia
  • Loan amount: $100
  • Loan period: 14 months
  • Check it out here →


  • Store owner in Lebanon
  • Loan amount: $50
  • Loan period: 15 months
  • See what Fatima is up to here →

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