Relationships built on trust and mutual respect form the foundation of Spartan Global. Maintaining strong relationships with our field partner, As Green As It Gets, and our loan recipients in Guatemala is crucial. Given the global nature of our work, it is easy to feel detached from impact of our work. Thus, we make it a point to travel to Guatemala each year to engage directly with As Green As It Gets and work alongside loan recipients. The perspective gained from these field visits allow us to better understand the cultural, political, and economic contexts of the communities we lend in.


Thank you to our sponsors!

The ability of Spartan Global student members to visit our partners in Guatemala is made possible by generous sponsors who have donated specifically to cover the travel expenses for students.* Their financial support allows undergraduate students at Michigan State the unique opportunity to see how their involvement in Spartan Global helps positively shape communities in Guatemala. Thank you to the below donors for investing in Spartan Global students and their passions!

  • Eric Ederer

  • Matthew VanGessel

  • Michelle Hutton

  • Debra Hutton

  • Adam King

  • Carol Sartin

  • Adrienne Smith

  • Dean Sanjay Gupta | Eli Broad College of Business

  • Associate Dean Kathy Petroni | Eli Broad College of Business

  • Dean Sherman Garnett | James Madison College

  • Eli Broad College Student Senate

  • James Madison College Student Senate

  • Associated Students of Michigan State (ASMSU)


*These funds are made available solely for travel, not microloan projects. No money from microloan donations are used for field visits.