It does not matter if your major is Spanish, Economics, Finance, Apparel & Textile Design, Supply Chain, Journalism or Underwater Basket Weaving, diversity of all kinds is a cornerstone of Spartan Global. There are multiple facets in successfully managing the organization, so there is space for students from all academic backgrounds to join.


New member application

This information will not be shared among general members or the public. Only the Spartan Global President and relevant Executive Board Members will have access. 

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Please rank in order from 1-3, your interest in the following SGDF Teams. This is by no means committing you to a certain position. All positions in Spartan Global are loosely defined. This is just a way for our team to get a feel for your passions. 1 being most interested - 3 being least interested
- Responsible for contacting donors - Reaching out to local companies and residential dorms for donations - Maintaining SGDF contact lists - Creating and maintaining outreach materials (flyers, presentations, SGDF stats) - Facilitate microloan projects - Development of new field partners - Complete process of finding and getting funding for microloans
- Maintain social media platforms - Updating the website - Write and edit the newsletters - Manage the brand and communications strategies for the organization
- Facilitate onboarding process for new members - Donor relations - Contribute to the ongoing education of members - Community education and engagement
Please answer the following questions so we can better understand your interest in the Spartan Global Development Fund.
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