Since Spartan Global was founded in 2009, we have...



in microloans to over


aspiring entrepreneurs in


countries with a


repayment rate.


The power of credit

Spartan Global Development Fund focuses our Kiva funds on diversified short-term loans and low-risk recipients. Our balanced portfolio has allowed us to be repaid 99.2% of all the funds we have loaned out since 2009. Our high repayment rate is complemented by a relatively short loan duration of an average of 14.4 months repayment time. This means that on average your donation will be continually recycled and roughly 80% of your initial donation will be loaned back out every year. For example, if you donate $100 that money will be immediately loaned out. As time progresses and people pay us back your donation, we will continually loan that money back out, so next year $80 will have been repaid and loaned back out.

We have created an interactive spreadsheet to demonstrate the power of credit versus a regular donation to show you the value of your donation over the years based on SGDF current turnover ratio.

Enter your donation under 'Value of donation' year 1 to see how much your donation will be valued over the years.

Current turnover ratio is based on SGDF Kiva ((total amount lent / total deposits) / years since start). This ratio represents the current percentage of total deposits SGDF is recycling per year. 

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