Recent Microloans With Field Partners

Spartan Global extends microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through a direct lending process. You can learn more about the steps involved here. Spartan Global's primary field partner is a Guatemalan nonprofit organization called As Green As It Gets. During the 2016-2017 academic year, Spartan Global worked closely with As Green As It Gets to facilitate $4,300 in microloans. Highlighted below are some of these recent loans made through the direct lending process.

Pictured: Victor using the coffee roaster SGDF helped him purchase.

Pictured: Victor using the coffee roaster SGDF helped him purchase.

Pictured: Victor using a pulpero he was able to acquire with the funds from his Spartan Global microloan.

Pictured: Victor using a pulpero he was able to acquire with the funds from his Spartan Global microloan.


Victor Catavi

Victor Catavi is a current client of As Green As It Gets, one of Spartan Global's longstanding field partners in Guatemala. To provide for his family, Victor has specialized in coffee processing and roasting in his local community. Victor's coffee history is atypical. As Green As It Gets usually only works with coffee farmers who have established fields of coffee crops to then train them on various milling and roasting methods. Seeing the potential opportunity in working with As Green As It Gets, Victor went ahead and planted his own coffee in order to join the program. With the help of As Green As It Gets, Victor has been able to learn different coffee processing and roasting skills.

With the backing of sponsors, Spartan Global was able to extend a $1,400 loan in collaboration with As Green As It Gets to help Victor take his coffee roasting business to the next level in October 2016. This capital investment allowed him to purchase a pulpero - a machine that helps crush coffee beans during the early stages of processing - and a coffee roaster. 

Victor has since been able to generate profits worth over 240% the value of his loan, as the pulpero and coffee roaster has allowed him to expand his product offerings and ultimately, his coffee sales. Moving forward, Victor has future plans to begin exporting his coffee to new international clientele!

Pictured: Alberto working in his coffee fields.

Pictured: Alberto working in his coffee fields.

Alberto & jonny Hernandez

Alberto Hernandez has been working with AGAIG since 2005 in coffee production. He has been a good steward of previous loans, and always shown both a 100% repayment rate as well as good profitability from his investments. Jonny is Alberto’s son, and he is also involved in coffee farming.

Unfortunately, this father-and-son farming team has encountered some tough times. Recently, their fields were hit by a fungal infection, and they need some working capital for the year. In June, 2017, Spartan Global facilitated a $1,378 through As Green As It Gets to support Jonny and Alberto. The loan will be used to replant coffee crops, as well as provide fungal sprays to prevent future infections. Moreover, Jonny and Alberto will use this loan to purchase coffee from nearby farmers to maintain the sales of their existing business while their own fields recover. 

Pictured: Carlos with an anvil he purchased with funds from his recent Spartan Global loan. 

Pictured: Carlos with an anvil he purchased with funds from his recent Spartan Global loan. 

Carlos diaz

Meet Carlos Diaz, a metalworking artisan affiliated with our field partner in Guatemala, As Green As It Gets. Carlos has been in this trade since he was a kid, mainly producing metal door frames, windows, etc. Recently, Carlos has started to expand his business model to include decorative art pieces made out of wrought iron.

This past June, Spartan Global extended a $1,100 microloan to Carlos as a capital investment to purchase a crucible, anvils, a firebox, and other necessary equipment to grow this facet of his metalworking business. Pictured below is Carlos with an anvil he just purchased. We are excited to see what he does next!

Recent Loans With Kiva

Spartan Global also provides microloans through Kiva, an online lending platfrom. You can learn more about how we work with Kiva here. In the 2016 - 2017 academic year, Spartan Global extended $1,225 worth in loans to over 70 entrepreneurs in 23 countries through Kiva alone. Featured below are some of our latest loans. 


Nikisoboka Group

Harriet is a 47 year old woman from Kyenjojo, Uganda where she owns a retail shop. This has enabled her to look after her children and increase her household income. She is challenged by seasonal changes and limited capital, and requires a small loan to buy salt and sugar for reselling. Harriet is a member of Nikisoboka Group where members guarantee each other to get loans.

Spartan Global partnered with 20 other donors to give the Nikisoboka Group a loan of $900, which has since been paid back in full! See the results here. 



Gemma is a 50 years old and is married with five children, two of whom are currently in school. She is in the agricultural business in the Philippines, and she requested a loan through Kiva to buy fertilizers for her plants. Gemma has been in this business for five years now, and in the future she would like to save enough money so she can send her children to college.

Spartan Global partnered with 6 other donors to give Gemma a loan of $250. You can see Gemma's progress on her microloan by clicking here. 


Dolores Gilberto

Dolores is a 38-year old fisherman living in Sensuntepeque, El Salvador. He is married, and he and his wife have one son. Fishing is a common practice where Dolores lives because of the proximity to the river.

In February of 2017, Spartan Global partnered with eight other sponsors to loan $300 to Dolores. With this money, Dolores will purchase more fishing nets in hopes of increasing his profit and his family’s well-being. This loan is special because Spartan Global is helping this rural farmer lift himself out of poverty. You can learn more here. 



Vilma is 63 years old and married with eleven children. She lives in Palawan, Philippines and earns her living rice farming. Vilma has been a rice farmer for five years and supplements her income from food vending. She works tirelessly to expand her business and increase her profitability.

With eight other donors, Spartan Global funded a microloan of $550 through Kiva in March 2017 to help Vilma purchase packs of rice seed, fertilizers, and other farm supplies. Check out Vilma's profile on Kiva here. 

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These recent loans have been made possible through the generous support of our 2017 Sponsors. If you are inspired by these stories and our work, please consider donating to Spartan Global. Your generous contributions allow us to continue supporting aspiring entrepreneurs throughout developing regions in the world.